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The Elite Program is the highest level of commitment. They are designed for athletes who desire to train and compete at the highest levels in club and who aspire to play in college. These teams will compete in two to three National Qualifiers, higher ages may also compete at a showcase tournament such as the Vegas Classic, and strive to win at the USAV National Championships. Teams in this program will compete in the NCVA Power League and practice up to 3 times a week until March 1st and up to 2 times a week until the end of the season. Elite teams will also train up to twice a week in the Rage Sports Performance program.

The National Program is designed for those who choose a highly competitive program but prefer a balance in their athletic life. It is an affordable travel program that provides strong coaching and valuable experiences in the NCVA power league. National teams will compete at the Far Western Qualifier in Reno, NV. National teams may opt to add an additional National Qualifier if the team chooses. Elite teams will practice up to three times a week until February 1st and up to two times a week for the balance of the season.

The Rage Premier program is the latest addition to our program choices! Choosing Premier provides the most affordable and flexible option. Premier teams will compete in the NCVA Premier league and may also compete in Northern California based tournaments such as California Kickoff, Presidents Day or Spring Fling/March Madness. Rage Premier teams will practice up to twice a week for the season.

Teams may switch programs based on a number of different factors as best determined by the coaches for that age group. No team is set for a specific program until after commitment night.